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John Honey: ‘a martyr to humanity’

John Honey: ‘a martyr to humanity’  I have seen many affecting scenes, heard many eloquent men, but this crowns them all –  I have never seen it equalled, never in my life! Dr Chalmers, contemporary of Honey, as quoted in Bruce At the turn of the century on Friday 5 January, 1800, five men were…

19 June 2019Blog

Then and Now: The May Dip

Every year on the first day of May, as the sun begins to rise above St Andrews, students can be found on East Sands in varying states of undress, running frantically into the sea, shrieking as they enter the icy shallows.  In doing so, they are fulfilling one of the University’s best-loved traditions.  Bizarre to some,…

2 May 2019Blog

70th anniversary of exchange programme with Queen’s University, Canada

The University of St Andrews has a long-established tradition of fostering exchange programmes with institutions around the globe. As a result, students (both now and in the past) have many opportunities to travel and study abroad. This year we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the popular exchange programme with Queen’s University, Canada. To mark…

22 February 2019Blog

CAPOD’s Employability Boost for Alumni

The working world for a graduate is a competitive and potentially intimidating prospect. To ensure that our alumni have every chance at success, CAPOD (The Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development) have released a programme for recent graduates, to boost employability and furnish them with the desired skills and competencies to help them land their perfect position.  Rebecca…

13 November 2018Blog

A Raisin to Remember

Raisin Weekend is an annual event at the University with the 2018 edition taking place in mid-October. Development intern, Daisy Sewell, blogs about her take on an ancient tradition.  Unique, beloved and a little bit mad, Raisin is a St Andrews tradition like no other.  Today it is regarded as a means of forming a…

30 October 2018Blog