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Saints Sport: Paving the way for future success

Susie Carr graduated from St Andrews with a degree in Philosophy in 2014. Here she describes the opportunities that the University gave her to play sport at the highest level, and how this paved the way for her recent selection for the Great Britain women’s squad in the Australian Football (AFL) European Championships in London…

3 September 2019Alumni stories

A change of destiny for one alumna

Helen Hwang came to study at the University of St Andrews in 1986 as part of a Junior Year Abroad (JYA) while she was an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. When her daughter decided to attend a summer programme here in June 2019, Helen took the opportunity to come back for a mothers’ and…

28 August 2019Alumni stories

International St Andrews: from Edgecliffe to Madagascar

Michael Docherty graduated with an MA in Philosophy in 2004 and tried several different career paths before he took up the post of Administrative Director in Centre ValBio, Madagascar. In this video clip he describes the different opportunities that a degree from St Andrews has given him, and how ValBio came to be shortlisted for…

19 July 2019Alumni stories

Entrepreneurial St Andrews alumni: Giulia Melchiorre

I started my St Andrews journey in September 2011, when I arrived in Scotland for the very first time. With its long-standing, quirky traditions, strong sense of community and amazing academic opportunities, the University of St Andrews immediately made me feel at home.

22 May 2019Alumni stories

A career studying rocks from other worlds …

Dr Jessica Barnes graduated from St Andrews with a first-class BSc in Geosciences in 2011 and is now working for NASA on a project which will continue the scientific legacy of the Apollo missions.  We thought we would find out about what the project entails and how her time at the University of St Andrews contributed to…

30 April 2019Alumni stories

Noor Huda Ismail: changemaker

Noor Huda Ismail (MLitt International Security Studies 2006) is a peacebuilder, writer and filmmaker specialising in de-radicalisation and counter-terrorism. He founded theInstitute of International Peace Building to develop the means to reform former terrorists and reintegrate them back into mainstream Indonesian society through research, arts and civil society initiatives.

27 March 2019Alumni stories

What can I do today to change the world?

Asha de Vos (BSc 2002) was undertaking research on a ship in the middle of the ocean when she heard that she had won the South Asia Regional Award of the British Council Study UK Alumni Awards 2018. She used up her entire, rather small, allocation of internet minutes in submitting the short video required for…

8 January 2019Alumni stories

Keeping it in the family: three generations of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews fosters an ethos built around the ideals of family and community. The academic family, occupying a sacred place in the lives of students, becomes a second set of parents and siblings, helping freshers happily settle into university life. To have your biological family so heavily linked to the university, though,…

3 December 2018Alumni stories

Searching for Sisu in St Andrews

Geordie Stewart conquered Everest while he was studying at St Andrews.  Having graduated, and become the youngest person to reach the highest summits on all seven continents, here he tells us more about how life at St Andrews and the friendships he forged whilst at University helped him achieve his goals.

17 August 2018Alumni stories

How scholarships transform lives – Georgia Spencer-Rowland

Margaret F K Fleming graduated from St Andrews with an MA in French in 1933, and a Bursary was established in her name in 2010 for students of French to enable them to study in France. Georgia Spencer-Rowland received the Bursary in 2015, and she describes here the wonderful opportunities it gave her.

12 July 2018Alumni stories